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Regular Season 2013-2014
2013-2014 x Regular Season

Meet the Stampede


Meet the Team
Welcome to - home of the Texas Stampede, the 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2015 Division I USQRA National Champions and 2004 & 2005 USQRA Mountain Sectional Champions. The Texas Stampede is a wheelchair (quad) rugby team located in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1998, the ever changing squad of athletes and staff is a performance-based team committed to excellence in it's highest form.

The Texas Stampede is a wheelchair rugby team located in the heart of Central Texas. As a organization the Stampede relies on sponsorships and donations to cover operating costs, travel expenses and equipment needs. Founded 21 years ago, the ever changing squad of athletes and staff has been committed to excellence in its purest form. In addition to being a performance based team, the Stampede has worked to positively change the lives of individuals with disabilities through athletics, leadership and peer counseling.


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Statement on Injustice and Discrimination

06/08/2020, 12:15pm CDT
By James Gumbert

Over the past week we have witnessed and seen the pain and hurt of our own people. We have had to look at ourselves and know that we as a people can and have to be better. It can’t be just words, it has to be works.

We believe the world should have no place for discrimination, injustice or harm to anyone based on their religion, race, gender or ability.

The Texas Stampede Stands with and by all athletes.  We denounce and rebuke any stand or act against these values.

Stampede Stories Debuts

05/13/2020, 9:45pm CDT
By The Herd

Team celebrate Heather Rennerfeldt Spirit of Achievement Award

 Corona 19 has changed how we do so much. In an effort to reconnect safely we have started a new series called Stampede stories. The goal is self-explanatory, we want to connect with our families, Friends and fans. Our first installment is with 2020 USQRA spirit of achievement award winner and Stampede staff member Heather Rennerfeldt. Look for more episodes in The weeks to come. For more information go to

Heather Rennerfeldt Wins Spirit of Achievement Award

05/11/2020, 10:15pm CDT
By The Herd

Staff member recognized for efforts

I Stampede was pleased to learn the staff member whether Winterfell one the spirit of achievement award for the 2020 USQRA season.


The Stampede is pleased to learn that  staff member Heather Rennerfeldt  won the spirit of achievement award for the 2020 USQRA season.

I was shocked said Runnerfeldt. I never expected this. I am so appreciative for people acknowledging the work that we do. I will always remember this.  Thank you.

We are thrilled for Hez and look forward to  seeing her on the sidelines in the upcoming season! 

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