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Regular Season 2013-2014
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Meet the Stampede


Meet the Team
Welcome to - home of the Texas Stampede, the 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2015 Division I USQRA National Champions and 2004 & 2005 USQRA Mountain Sectional Champions. The Texas Stampede is a wheelchair (quad) rugby team located in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1998, the ever changing squad of athletes and staff is a performance-based team committed to excellence in it's highest form.

The Texas Stampede is a wheelchair rugby team located in the heart of Central Texas. As a organization the Stampede relies on sponsorships and donations to cover operating costs, travel expenses and equipment needs. Founded 21 years ago, the ever changing squad of athletes and staff has been committed to excellence in its purest form. In addition to being a performance based team, the Stampede has worked to positively change the lives of individuals with disabilities through athletics, leadership and peer counseling.


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Rosters for Texas Hold'em Released

10/10/2018, 10:15am CDT
By The Herd

Teams for Las Vegas tournament announced

The rosters have been set for the 2018 Texas Hold’em Wheelchair Rugby tournament. The tournament held in Las Vegas Nevada at the Minker sports complex will feature some of the best athletes in the world. “We are extremely excited to put on such a big event in a destination city like Las Vegas said Robert Murray tournament director.

Arizona Wildcats                                                         Australian Steelers


Chris Fleece                                                                  Anthony Grey              

Lee Ferdette                                                                  Michael Ozanne                       

Chad Cohn                                                                   Ben Fawcett                            

Eric Bell                                                                        Jason Lees                              

Ben Walker                                                                   Richard Vorris              

Derrick Helton                                                                Josh Nicholson

CJ Brown                                                                      Andrew Harrison                      

Josh Wheeler                                                                 Andrew Edmondson                 

Daisuke Ike                                                                  Chris Bond                               

Pack Torres                                                                   Rylie Batt                                 

Troy Davis                                                                                           

Mike Lowe                               

Nate Miller                                                       

Kevin Bell                                

Trent Crisp                              


Denver Harlequins                                                       Patriots


Jason Regier                                                                 Liz Dunn                                  

Gabe Nyrkkanen                                                           Ryan Engleby              

Alois Nagle                                                                   Kyle Peterson              

Ronald Bolseth                                                              Joe Delagrave             

Adam Scaturro                                                               Eddie Brosnan             

Josh O’Neill                                                                   Andre Lampkin            

Drew Hoffman                                                                Nathan Whitten            

Eric Newby                              

Jake Daily                               

Chuck Aoki                  

Sebastian Fredriksen   


Texas Stampede                                                          Tampa Generals


Jeff Butler                                                                      Mike Monthervil                       

Landon Groff                                                                 Mark Welch                             

Gabriel Garcia                                                               Justin Stark                             

Jake Ross                                                                    Davis Celestine                        

Michael Schacherbauer                                      Kazuhiko Kano                         

Alex Pabon                                                                   Ryan Kress                                         

Julio Braz                                                                     Anthony McDaniel                                

Andre Lampkin                    



Stampede Kick Off 2018 Season

09/22/2018, 10:15am CDT
By The Herd

Texas to host International tournament in Las Vegas Nevada November 7-11

The Texas Stampede is proud to announce the inaugural Texas Hold em tournament in Las Vegas Nevada. The 6 team tournament will feature some of the best national and international players and teams. “We are extremely excited to be able to host a high caliber tournament in a city like Las Vegas” said coach James Gumbert. The tournament will future the number two in the world Australia Steelers. “It is exciting to see a tournament of this level this early in the season”, said Gumbert.
Spectators and fans can expect to see players like Chuck Aoki, Riley Batt, Diasuki Ikezaki, Chris Bond, Anthony McDaniel, Joe Delgrave, and numerous other international and national team members. “It will be a early glimpse of what teams might look like heading into the 2018 season.
The Hold’em sponsored by C and R MEDICAL and Vesco Metal Craft chairs will be played November 7-11 at the Minker sport complex. The finals will be webcast. For more information go to

Stampede Athletes Bring Home National Championship Honors

04/24/2018, 10:00pm CDT
By The Herd

Butler and Moylan take best in class awards

Jeff Butler .5 and Thomas Moylan 3.5 were awarded best in class accolades for their performances at the 2018 National Championships in Phoenix Arizona. 

The duo led the Stampede to a 3rd place finish in one of the most competitive championships in recent memory. Both of the athletes will now return to their national sides as they will begin preparations for the World Championships in August 2018. 

For more information contact